This book is amazing! Moriarty rocks at multiple perspective weaving to create a stunning tapestry of a storyline.

“An excellent read on how families different then our accustomed style live.  Helps explain life from another’s viewpoint. The reader will also be the person educated.  An inspiring story on how one person overcame extreme hardships.  Doubly interesting as it is a NW story.  I highly recommend everyone read this book.”
(Dayton reader) 

Carol A
The 2018 Everybody Reads Selection

Local review of Idaho, by Emily Ruskovich


The “Everybody Reads” books grab my attention as soon as I see them in the library.  I have discovered some unique reads in this series.  “Idaho” was no different.  As another reviewer noted, it wasn’t an easy read as the storyline shifts focus from one character to another and between timeframes.  But the author’s writing, her word choices and phasing, was well crafted.  As the story developed, my curiosity grew as to how all of these issues would be resolved.  Alas, they weren’t.  As I closed the book, I considered whether I was disappointed in that.  But then I realized that it was exactly like Idaho:  some rough edges, some loose ends, everything isn’t tied up in a fancy bow.  I recommend the book, but only if you are up for the challenge. – Pearl

I read this book not long after reading “Educated” by Tara Westover and decided that whenever I travel in the future, I will find away to drive around Idaho. This is a difficult book to read and an emotional fist-fight. The prose is lovely, at times, and the characters well developed, but the plot leaves the reader feeling detached and unwilling to stay with them long enough to stay involved. The subject matter has one-sided violence with little hope so be aware if you are sensitive to vulnerable populations and children. Lorna

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