Library Director Todd Vandenbark with Library Assistant Ellen Brigham and bicyclist Moon Love park their bikes in the new BIKE RACK at the Library!

Past President Tanya Patton cutting the ribbon on the new lift in the library!

Current and on-going include projects

Support for Library Accessibility

Summer Reading Program signup effort and program supplies

Binge Box supplies

Kindles for Banned Book Week prizes

After school snacksMaterials for Senior Center Outreach

Fair Booth

Grant writing to support other programs and supplies (e.g., magazines/subscriptions)

Cowboy Poetry Night (coordinate the program and provide the dinner)

ADA ramp to the Main Library

Delany enhancements, including painting and carpetingBook shelves

Computers and/or monitors

In the past, FOL has funded supplies for holiday parties for the kids

And, of course..BOOK SALES.. because that’s the source of funds for much of these activites.

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